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Jente/dame som er gift,  alle ungene har nå forlatt redet. Er et positivt og sosialt menneske som liker å utforske nye spennende ideer, og saker jeg kommer over.

mandag 16. juli 2012

Erkeengel Mikael

Jeg er inne i en periode nå hvor jeg kjenner at nye energier farer gjennom kroppen, min følsomhet er atskillig mer påtagelig, jeg merker tendenser til healingevner, og jeg kjenner på kroppen at noe skjer. Min venninne sier til meg for noen dager siden: "Lytt til erkeengel Mikael", og her kommer svaret......

På lørdag hadde jeg en skikkelig mimre-/sørgedag - sorgen over å ha mistet både mamma og pappa. Jeg fant nemlig noen bilder fra pappas gamle album, bilder av de to som nyforelsket, og på bryllupsdagen - et bilde på kirketrappa jeg aldri har sett tidligere. Jeg fikk en følelse av at det Gud har sammenføyet, kan aldri skilles ad, og jeg fikk det for meg at de to kanskje har funnet tilbake til hverandre der de er nå.......slik jeg har funnet tilbake til min første ektemann.......her kommer ordene fra Mikael:

We are no farther away now than your thought. - AA Michael
15 July 2012 -
Ron Head

We would like to begin today by pointing out the intense energies you are experiencing. The upgrades of your energy bodies and DNA are being sped up as we speak. We would like to caution you to be more careful than usual during the next few days. You will need some time to assimilate this and learn to deal with it.

Those of you who are in the midst of internal changes and clearing will find these accelerating as well. If, in the course of these next days, you find yourselves thinking and dreaming of new ways to experience and enjoy the lives you are living, please do not reject and dismiss it. These are promptings from your higher Selves, which are closer to you now than ever before. In point of fact, you should now begin to feel the nearness of your entire spiritual families. The ‘veil’, as you call it, is in tatters and you should begin to feel a marked increase in communication, at least in feelings and urges. Closer is, of course, not really true, but merely the best way to describe the situation. Perhaps we should say that your ability to perceive their presence is being heightened.

We tell you also that, if it is your heart’s desire to embody your highest potential, then now is the time to hold your focus and intent upon that vision. Reach for the energies that are surrounding you now with the intention of raising your frequencies to the greatest extent possible. That is, in fact, the purpose behind their being gifted to you. Every particle, atom, and molecule in your entire body, world, and solar system is being charged at this time. You will begin to discover that nothing is the same, even if it appears to be for a short time. Your perceptions do, after all, create your reality.

Release your hold on what you do not wish to carry into your future with you. Thank it for its contribution to your learning and send it on its way. Welcome the new story of your new life. Change, if you think about it, requires energy. Energy is available to you now as it has never been before. Breathe it, welcome it, float in it, swim in it, dance in it, and hold an attitude of gratefulness for what it brings you, and we promise you that your tomorrow will be the joyous world you have always known should be yours.

Please allow for all to experience the uplifting if they so desire. Do not hold yourselves back by dwelling upon retribution for past deeds. It is important to know what needs to be changed. It is equally important to forgive and move on. Your focus in this moment needs to be upon your own rise in consciousness. What needs to happen for another soul will happen. That need not concern you. In fact, you will best serve those souls and yourselves by holding them in the light and wishing for their highest and best progress, as well.

To return to more joyous thoughts, in your quiet moments now, reach out in your thoughts and feelings and you will feel our presence, even if you do not see or hear us… yet. That, too, you will have soon enough. Rejoice! You are almost home. Rather we should say, home is almost here.

In moments of stress, doubt, or fear, if there should occur any such, reach out for us and ask for our help. We are no farther away now than your thought. Hold us in your hearts until the next time we speak, as we hold you in ours. Good day.

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